Thursday, November 11, 2010


I now have two workspaces:

The plotter room: This is the nitty gritty of my job. The Plotter table is there, a 6x8' megalith which i can move up and down or tilt to my hearts content. It can't plot yet, but it does have many uses:
  • Spreading out test garments for examination in big flat glory
  • Holding stuff /papers / other garments when I'm not ready for them at the computer desk
  • Being a catapult (Haven't tried this yet, but I'm assuming it would be a great game if I'm bored)
The spare room: If any one is a fan of C.S. Lewis, feel free to think of this as my 'Spareoom": a place where work often starts or finishes, but for much of the actual action, I have to head through the wardrobe.... or the door to the right that leads to the plotter room.

I am reminded of so many of the books I read as a child which involved reality, and a place where things are a little bent, a little skewed, and yet all the more real...

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  1. Alex, I am so sorry I have been out of touch for months. Thank you for commenting on my blog recently! I'm thrilled and delighted you are still peeking in on me.

    I love that you sew. You design. You can DO stuff with thread and material. I am SOOOO envious. I can't sew a button back on in the right place. And I think your two rooms are the coolest things ever. God, I wish I had a room in which to think/write/ create/breathe /ponder life. Awesome for you!