Monday, November 1, 2010

It Feels Like Work

So my job started today. I spent the first several hours going over an ordering system which will be integral to my supply chain management function. This was super important, valuable, and incredibly dry for 8 a.m.! but it was over by 11:15, and I had lunch with some of the other staff, trying to get the lay of the land.

Then I got to start on my office, or lack thereof. Since my position has been created as if from nowhere, there is not a space for me to move into... There is however a big room in the back part of the factory which houses a large pattern printer- it is about 8 feet long, and there is a computer which houses it's software... it's on a desk, and apparently, I sit at it. The printer is loud and the sewing machines clatter along. It's a little windowless, a little bleak, but I have some ideas of how to make it my own, hopefully I will share some pictures soon.

The fun part- I get to print patterns all day, and I will be learning how to manipulate and grade them on the plotter system which goes with the printer. The plotting and designing bit of my job will be basic, but the experience and practice is going to do phenomenal things for my job options down the road. The supply chain stuff will be important for me if I ever do start myself a small business- I will need to know the ins and outs of all this accounting and manufacturing software.

So... How are you?

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