Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Back!

Right? Maybe. Who knows.

This will be short, and sweet.

New job- awesome. I order things, I organize, I plan, I plot (Oh yes, the filthy plotter has been thoroughly punished for it's misdeeds....) I race around trying to keep all the balls in the air. I have been pushing some of their internet activities- I now head their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles, so I get to do something fun every couple of hours

Old job- Part time one, at the castle- I have now moved locations, to a mall much closer to work and home. I miss my besties from the old store, but saving an hour of driving each day is good for my outlook- I am much less a cranky bunny. The rub? I am now officially an assistant manager, so I have more responsibility. That said- I get mo money, which is hella awesome.

I am comfortable working these two jobs, while my husband is working on school, working on helping his mom as she gets ready for another surgery (remember last year, when she was in for a month, from a pacemaker surgery? yeh. That one. Again.) and then a month after that, a double hip replacement (because in her case, two at once just seems safer, even if recovery is longer than one at a time according to studies).

I miss creating, and there's plenty still going on up in my head. I will have to make it happen, in some of my weekend days off, now that I get them on a regular basis (another benefit of my new store)