Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Workin' in a Coal Mine

Okay. So... Channel the miner within.....

I have been in a mine once - I took a tour of a silver mine in Pitosi way back when I was a barely 18 traveller fresh outta high school. Thinking back on it, or admittidely, during that tour, I was very aware of how differently it must run than mines in Canada, and how incredibly unsafe the practices probably were within the mine. People worked independantly, in their own claimed tunnels, and would blast with open dynamite. The people who survived and made a good living were those who basically lucked out, or got a 'good feeling' for the mountain: inherent knowledge of how blasts would affect the tunnels, a sense of the physics of their operation, leading to continued life. Most chalked it up to leaving cigarettes and beer at the foot of their homage- a shrine of the old earth god in the middle of the mine. The fact that they even let the public into tour the mine was baffling, but was an experience I will never forget.

Now, I am working with the opportunity to help people who already have a tonne of safety on their side, comparatively. The level of safety improvements I can bring involve longevity of wear, the weight and fit of some accessories, as well as the quality of the reflective or fire protective gear provides. It's a big deal, and yet I can't help but feel proud that Canada already protects our mine workers the way we do. We already have put people in a better near environment than many other places do. Go Canada!

p.s. Two posts in one day. Go me!

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