Thursday, June 10, 2010

Decisions Decisions

Speaking of priorities…

How much loyalty do you have to your workplace? How much are you willing to change your life based on what you want to do?

I was offered a position with a design team for a men’s wear line. It’s temporary, it’s entry level. It’s three hours away from my current city.

The Pros:
• It’s an immediate job, in the field I want to work in, which is notoriously hard to get into as a newbie.
• My parents live in Calgary, where the office is located, so while working the temporary position, I have a place to live. (and my dad will probably change my oil for me… awww)
• One of my most fun fellow students is also working there, and we both have big dreams of working with fun outdoor camping gear etc. someday.
• I would have weekends off, so I would be able to come home to my Bear

The Cons:
• I have to quit my current job immediately, meaning I disappoint some very loved management, and fellow staffies…
• I have to live away from my home, cats, clothing that I know and love
• I don’t get to see most of the people that I know and love in Edmonton, because I will be gone most of the week
• I would be gone during the week, and would very much miss my Bear. We are very snuggly people, and it's very difficult to deal with not being together, although we have done it before, for longer stretches than a week

Then the next issue is if the job turns into a permanent job offer. That takes on a whole different whack of questions: my world is built in Edmonton, so when considering a move, one also has to consider what will not only change, but what will be better, what will be worse?

But for right now, that’s looking a gift horse in the mouth according to my husband (except he is terrified of horses so he would never use that phrase). A job offer, in my field, for any amount of time just days after I finish my practicum is pretty much a picture perfect ending right? So I am (we are) moving forward right now on this, with the intention of giving Cow-town (as it’s called) my best shot.

Oh quandary!

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