Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lots to do!

Well, this is just a post regarding why people work the way they do.

As I have mentioned, I recently was elected to be VP academic on my student association. I unfortunately had some issues clearing my work schedule, so today was the first meeting I was able to attend of the whole executive council.

There was a lot to go over, and I think my eyes are way to big for my stomach- there is so much I want to do, so much I feel I can accomplish, and so much I think I can help, or change.

Other people on the council seem to be more moderated. I don't know if its personality and they just take things slow, or from being overtired, or just that the meeting seemed like old hat... I am trying to let it make me even more enthusiastic, allow my passion to overrun or at least add some vivid colour back into this crew! We are all working together on this ship and we all have the ability to make it sail, or to make it sink.

How do you develop big vision or inspire big works from people who don't feel as passionate as you? Am I destined to be overwhelmed or burnt out?

I think attitude is capable of changing a situation. Perhaps that makes me an optimist, feeling that believing is half way to doing. I also think that even if it really isn't, at least one person in a collaboration needs to maintain that mantra, in order to provide the vision and inspiration for the people who are more realistically grounded or whatever you want to call it (cynical?)

So... here I go. Being the motivator. Horray Horray Horray!

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  1. Wow! I am facing this right now myself! I am a part of a team that seems a bit... unethusiastic about what we are doing. I don't really get it because I am pumped and in awe of all the possibilities and potential. It can be easy for me to get cynical about other team members and let that get me down about the vision. I try to separate the cynical(that's what I call them) team members from why I'm there. I'm not there for them, necessarily, I'm there because I believe in the potential of we(and sometimes it feels like just me) can do!
    I would encourage you to keep going! It's so great to hear about other people's passion! Others will catch on! And if they don't(which not all of them will most likely) focus on the tangible things you can do to keep your motivation going. Wow, that was kinda rambly.
    Love the blog!