Monday, March 8, 2010

Back to Being Accountable

So, I have been quite neglectful of this little corner of my world. Then this morning, while walking to my car, I realized that it was muddy and gross and needed a wash. Which made me think... "Wow. It's been almost a year since I started off with my car wash of just water... Go me!" When I am motivated to do one thing, I tend to get motivated about all the things going in my life. The past few months have been spent just treading water, mainly because I was trying to find the balance again, but now that things are in a good place, it's time to be 'Postive Positive Positive!' I hope you will see stuff from me more often, and hopefully be relatively entertained!

I took a position as VP Academic of my departments student's association. Since a lot of the academic issues are handled by profs, I have instead contacted the recruitment coordinator, and she asked me to do a short DVD that she can send out to schools so they know what our program is about and hopefully recruit students. I took several film classes back when I was a psych major drama minor (I know, how useless would that have been!) and am really excited to work on my editing skills again... I have totally twisted the arm of every prof and student I know, in the hopes that whenever and whatever I show up to film will be super... and I really hope I can put the video up here for you guys to watch- how exciting!

We had a stuff swap this past week for our department- Human Ecology students bringing in all sorts of goodies they don't want and sharing them, and taking others goodies if they want them. We ended up raising some money (by donation), and donated more than 8 garbage bags of clothes and household items to The Bissell Center which is a fabulous organization in Edmonton which helps pretty much anyone who needs it. This was a fabulous fit for Human Ecology: A beneficial community minded fund/stuff raiser fits with the Family Ecology side of our program, and the clothing swap fits with the fashion/design/sustainability side. Go us!

One of the classes I am in is putting together a gallery exhibit that challenges the concept of Authenticity: What is it, where does authentic start and fake begin? It's still fairly ethereal right now, but it definitely starts your brain thinking: a knock off designer purse is still a purse, so is it fake? Faux wood panel is obviously faux wood so do people just like the look of faux? This will all be a way longer post when the exhibit starts coming together and I have some artifacts to show you, but until then... just think about it. What makes an object authentic, or what makes it possess it's authenticity?

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