Tuesday, March 9, 2010

'I've Had Three R ed Bulls in 15 Minutes!'

That's not true people. It's just a quote from one of my favorite movies to watch when I need help being motivated. (Kn.ocked Up). I actually think that particular brand of energy drink tastes like cough syrup. If I am going to overload myself with caffeine, it will be with a patriotic slam of Beaver Buzz. Now that stuff is delicious jittery goodness. I am just being proactive with my blog because I have let it fall by the wayside.

So here's what I have done: I am embarking on a new journey of networking and self education. I am contacting independant shops- small businesses throughout Edmonton, to see what makes them special, to highlight why they are the successful little jewels of ingenuity in our little metropolis. I started with just one which really impressed me at Edmonton Fashion Week, and am expanding to hopefully make the interviews and highlights of these stores somewhat of a feature series for this blog. I hope it will be exciting, and even if you're all bored to tears, I am certain I will learn all sorts of goody information. (So there.)

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