Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Work Work Work

Alright. So here it is.

I am working in an office of a big-little company. I say that because to be honest, there is a lot going on, there is a lot of work, but it’s fairly specialized- each person is an expert at their own thing, so everyone is in their own little corner doing stuff. There’s around 20 people working.

There is an office, and a warehouse. The warehouse is where they keep all the fabric (drool). They run a by the meter section for small business people (seamstresses and designers etc) and then all the big by the roll stuff is in the very back.

I am charged with a marketing review project. I have to do one big project for my practicum, so the company has asked me to review the markets of Eastern Canada, and then possibly the United States and Mexico. My main sources of information are a few contacts within our suppliers, and the web.

Do you remember when the internet was fist coming out, and people thought- ‘everything is going to be on the web. You want to read a book? BAM, on the interweb. You want to Watch TV? DONE- Next Top Model at your fingertips! You want the regulations for all the possibly relevant markets in Eastern Canada concerning the application of Fire Retardant or Hi Visibility tape? BOOOM. Roasted. Like butter. It’s so easy, it makes your momma look like a saint. (Is that appropriate? Probably not. I’m sorry for the ‘your mama’ joke, but honestly, my posts have been so dry lately. I mean- I told you guys about chicken chasing for goodness sakes. It had to be done).

Yeh. They make it sound so easy. So I amend my statement from yesterday. It is not boring, it is hard, and it is tedious. I find some things which may help us get into the markets, if we find out the markets are important, but there’s nothing really connecting the dots. I hope it will all come together and be fabulous, please cross your fingers for me!

How does this help me as a Human Ecologist? Well, it’s a lesson in hard work for starters. I chose textiles because I don’t think I have the mental capacity to withstand the heartbreak of the social work/psychology/family ecology world. But that doesn’t mean that textiles will always be a bucket of daisies, sunshine and puppies. The regulations I am looking for are out there, and they are there to ensure that people who work in construction, first response, electrical work and elsewhere are visible and protected. The company I am doing the research for is an ethical company that really wants to endorse the safest products. They desire to find solutions that will not just meet requirements, but withstand the rigorous life the garments will lead, and provide the protection until the garment is done with. They work with showing the end user and the manufacturer why their product is the right choice because it will last and will be safe. A lot of other suppliers feel they will provide something which meets the requirement and it is the onus of the consumer to ensure that it stands up. In this way, my work can benefit the people who put their lives at risk for their jobs every day.

So go me!
This is what I’m doing, but I always have other stuff on the go. For instance… I have had some follow up from a couture wedding gown designer who I will be meeting with soon to profile her work in Edmonton, so stay tuned!

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