Friday, December 4, 2009

So I've been MIA

Things are good here, they're just busy. My world is full of school. I have not written but I have been reading all the blogs I usually do... But school has been eating my brain. I am so close to being done I can taste it, although it's really more than 6 months away. That said, I'm getting antsy to be truly finished. There are things which I have been discovering which make me even gladder that I have chosen this vein of study:

We get a ring. Everyone who graduates with a Human Ecology designation gets a little pinky ring to denote our chosen profession. It's for everyone, and it means something. It's not a fancy ring, and it's not all "one ring, to rule them all" with fighting and scandal and only going to those who have the highest GPA, it's something to create the tie between all of us little undergrads to show we all have something in common- the desire for the greater good an all that. I suppose. Ok, so now I'm making it sound all culty, but really, its just a fun (and serious) little memento. Check it out here.

Alright. So now that I have done my plug for the life of a Human Ecologist, here's what I've learned recently about the rest of the world:
  • Not everyone knows what a dutch oven is.(Not the pan. Something different) Google this, it's funny. But never do it to someone you love. In fact, it may be the best way to show someone that you no longer love them... (Just kidding. Maybe.)
  • Sometimes people don't pull their weight.
  • Sometimes it's better to just accept that people don't pull their weight, and move on. The project turns out better with as little animosity as possible.
  • Being a grown up means taking ownership for all the things that you used to shove under your bed as a child.
  • Being a grown up means you take ownership of all the other stuff too.
  • When people are in a bad mood, its a fabulous time to ask them what their favorite animal is and then act it out in interpretative dance.
  • Christmas movies are always a good idea.
  • If I ever teach a class I will not make everything worth 5-10% so that no one ever has any idea how they're doing the whole way through.
  • If I ever teach a class I will not make the 30% paper due a week before the 40% exam. That means 70% of my mark is hanging in the balance.
  • I still love to act crazy and run off and do weird stuff, even if I'm not a kid, and that's why life stays fun.
  • Sometimes the best days involve sleeping bags and nuzzles with your family.
Well.. I hope to do some serious Human Ecology delving over the winter break, because I start a class where we have to blather on about feelings and how they apply to Human Ecology process, so I may as well get started. So I hope to see a lot more of you!


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  1. You are adorable like a kitten, wise like an owl and insightful like a mind-reading marsupial. I shall now act out how these three would interact through the power of interpretive dance. *swaying*