Monday, October 5, 2009

So Speaking of Communication

Alright. So. Apparently I put my cranky pants on this morning, and stirred up some trouble on my friends blog. Perhaps it was only between me her and the wall, but perhaps I should have kept my thoughts to myself.

I am a fiercely typical indecisive Libra... I tip my brain from one side of the issue to the other, and when I read something which seems to ignore the possible aspects within the story, it usually irks me. I feel like it's not representative.

So when I recently went on my friend Dear Fitz's blog and read her latest entry, her small aside where she calls crazy brain on Jenny McCarthy... made me annoyed.

Sometimes things are better left under the rug. It had nothing to do with the rest of her well written article which I agree with pretty much orgasmically (Yes, Fitz, that was for you, so you can snicker all you like). The scary right wings always find weird ways to make protecting yourself or young women some sort of pulpit to preach ignorance, and a recent death from a reaction to the HPV vaccine sadly bolsters their argument, however crooked. That's bad news bears because all those things that people have been fighting for for years- equality, relevance, choice, safety, kindof get squished in the name of pious righteousness. I just thought that it was fair to ask for representations of why she thinks all vaccine haters are crazy. She responded to my response, and I responded in kind. We may have been heated, but we are very close and I am usually just saying stuff to drive her crazy. I don't think that shows well in blogspeak.

The thing I find interesting is that its the most fun I have had on her blog in a while. It was rich with ISSUE, and debate, and made me want her to write MORE goodies about how the state of the world rags on the common woman. Commenting is what you're supposed to do! I think it generated more comments than usual. So perhaps stirring the pot, on the internet, for funnsies, when all I'm asking for is a fair balanced review of the MANY opinions on the matter, is a good thing... right?

Whatevers. Fitz I love you and you know it. But I don't think I'll hold back on your blog because I think it's good for you.

By the by... my MIL is doing ok, but not awesome. It's all very uncomfortable, but I am staying positive. Thank you for the loving words all.

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  1. I had a case of the crankies this morning too. Seriously bad day. I almost went off on someone at Tim Horton's and I thought I might have to exchange blows (or at least verbal daggers) in the parking lot. So I was in a nonfun mood. Which makes the bearpoker extra sensitive to being poked back. Which in all fairness is to be expected. Pot to kettle, goose to gander, and all that.

    Before I wrote this post, I'd been following a lot of back and forth on vaccinations from both sides, which I didn't reference in my post, out of laziness (I didn't keep the links). But trust me, I have read both Ms. McCarthy's website and her submissions to the Huffington Post (of which I also have several unfavourable opinions) upon which I've based my views. I almost believed her, until I read the other side and found that the doctors had more compelling arguments in my view than the movie starlet did.

    That doesn't undermine what you did at all. You're perfectly right to hold me to account and there are indeed lots of scary effects from vaccines (i added some new links today to the CDC and Canadian Health websites which list individual cases and trends) but I personally disagree with autism being one. The mercury poisoning and egg allergy stuff though, I am still as yet undecided upon.

    I love my Libra. And I wouldn't have her anything but balanced. It helps her more unbalanced (ie: crazy) friends. Like me.