Saturday, September 5, 2009

The fun of creating

So. Today I worked with one of my FAVORITE people on a project that I have been putting on hold for various reasons ALL summer. Me and R, my sewing partner (and guru, because she's WAY better than I am) toiled away in an unused lab at school starting to carve out the fabric flowers for her wedding. This involves a lot of really fun things- tonnes of fabric, beads, glue, hot glue, small gardening sticks, wire, metal beads, all sorts of stuff.

It was incredibly cathartic to work on something which is completely not related to "school". We used an entire day to create things which were for a purely fun purpose.

We only made a few demos, to really cement the style, and then spent the rest of the day doing all the icky work- the cutting and sizing, so I don't have any pictures to show you.

The really fun part was spending time with someone else who has as much passion for creating as I do. While doing all the grunt work, we also talked about fun stuff- how fabulous these things would look, and what my dress will look like (and how I have to make time to sew it in the next month... gulp) and what her dress will look like (still unfinished by her dressmaker when she moved home from her parents house in Vancouver this summer).

Sometimes it's just nice to talk and toil, and feel connected to your part of the world.


  1. Sounds like lots of fun!! I'm happy you have taken some time from the craziness of school and life to remind you how much you enjoy it. I wish I could have given you both a hand at some point, but look forward to seeing what you have created=) And I think its a great idea, plus save some flowers from slaughter!!! hee hee. Good luck with the rest of them

  2. It is completely cathartic to do what we love when it's not a dictated project. When we can let go and allow our own creative mind to take over, just for the joy of it. When the project is something close to our hearts and we really look forward to the finished product. This, in fact, is also how I'm feeling about my little comic book/ story book I began working on this weekend. when soul meets creativity. :)

  3. Sometimes I feel like releasing my soul into a creative project. Then I realize I don't have a soul and go back to causing a ruckus.