Thursday, August 13, 2009

I love design in teams.

I love to design in teams, unfortunately, you don't always get the chance. Talking with some girlfriends today we discussed how having someone to work off of is really important. They will call you on your rotten ideas, and help suss out your great ones. Or, as is the case for me, they will bug me to get to work because I procrastinate way too much. I just think team work is really important for making functionality or success of a project well rounded, not just catered to the very whim of the designer... What do you think?

I got to design a project FOR someone recently, and it was an eye opening experience. Making sure communication was clear (I drew plans, she got to build it) was really quite difficult. Her project did come out really clean and fresh, I'll see if I can get some pics to post of it, but it was tricky.

Additionally, here is my latest design portfolio peice... It's all due tomorrow, but I actually like this project. Since I love teams and feedback, feel free to get me into a frantic jig fixing things if you have any commentary.


  1. Regarding your project piece, I love the color, the repetition idea (all the same, even if different color) and the impact. The phrase was a bit difficult to read, but that may be just because it's online and small (it's the lipline that has to be straight, right?)

    I love ideas that arise from creativity. I love the planning and yes, brainstorming can be fun and very useful, provided however (here's the catch) that all contributers are equally invested and don't conflict too much.

    I tend to like my own ideas. Certainly others might improve on my idea, but not if they want to undermine the whole concept just to re-make it as a new concept, all their own.

    The other thing I dread is a team project where each member is assigned a portion of the project to complete and one or more members turn in cruddy work, or you have to keep on them to meet deadlines. When this happens, the entire project suffers, and your outstanding portion is dragged down by the laziness of others.

    I love seeing your work! Please feel free to post pictures of it as often as you like.